EraGen Biosciences develops, manufactures, and markets molecular reagents. The company’s in-market and pipeline products, based on its patented MultiCode® platform chemistry, are next-generation DNA- and RNA-based tests for the early detection of infectious diseases and genetic-based conditions.

Luminex Acquires EraGen

Luminex Corporation today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held EraGen Biosciences, Inc., an innovator in molecular diagnostic testing technologies for infectious disease and genetic applications. The acquisition of EraGen Biosciences provides Luminex with access to a highly complementary portfolio of molecular diagnostic assays based on an innovative and proprietary technology platform called MultiCode®. This unique assay chemistry is a flexible platform for both real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and multiplex PCR-based applications.

As one of America's fastest-growing companies, Luminex will benefit from EraGen's innovative technologies and expertise to penetrate new segments. I am confident that the company will realize significant business and technology synergies as Luminex brings the global reach and scale required to effectively leverage the enormous potential of EraGen's franchise in molecular diagnostics.
- Irene Hrusovsky / CEO, EraGen