Revive Kombucha is a culture-driven, craft kombucha brewery launched at the Sonoma County Farmers Market in 2010 with a mission to sustainably produce the best tasting kombucha using the highest quality ingredients and most innovative craft brewing techniques.

Peet’s Coffee acquires Revive

Peet’s Coffee®, The Original Craft Coffee™, today announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Revive Kombucha™, a craft brewery based in Petaluma, California. Revive offers an array of naturally fermented, organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade certified, ethically sourced and raw bottled and on tap Kombucha. It maintains a strong presence in the United States, with a rapid national growth of over 168% percent versus a year ago.

Back when we started, we were a tiny operation. My wife Rebekah and I, just the two of us, began brewing and self-distributing bottles of kombucha at local grocers and nearby restaurants by day and riding our bicycle-turned-kegerator to the local farmers market at night. We poured our hearts into it…and it worked.
- Sean Lovett / Cofounder & CEO, Revive