Plum Organics
To stay healthy, we have to take good care of ourselves

The earlier we develop healthy habits, the healthier we’ll be. This was what the founders of Plum Organics were passionate about. Parents themselves, they set out to bring nutritious snacks and meals to the tiniest of palates. Tasty, fun and packaged for parents on the go, these products began to build a following among moms and dads across the country. That was when Prolog partnered with Plum. Within the next four years, the company grew 100-fold and revolutionized its category. It is now the leading organic baby food brand in America.

We believe that kids will make healthy choices if they are exposed to great tasting food they can get excited about.
- Neil Grimmer / Plum Organics Co-founder and Chief Dad
Our health depends on the health of the planet

Protecting the environment makes both good sense and good business. Scientists at Divergence built their company around that idea. They looked at the toxic agents used to protect crops from parasites and knew there had to be a better way. Prolog partnered with Divergence to help this vision come true. The tools to do it came from breakthroughs in bioinformatics, genomics and computational chemistry. The result was a family of eco-friendly products that increase crop yields with no harm to the environment.

Divergence will continue to develop products aimed at increasing agricultural productivity without harming the environment.
- James McCarter / Divergence Founder and CSO
If something goes wrong, the key is to find out early

We may not have the power to ward off all health problems, but we can discover them before they turn dangerous. That was the conviction of the team at Singulex. Their goal was ambitious: to develop tests that could detect signs of trouble earlier than ever before. Prolog partnered with Singulex to help this ambition become a reality. Today the company’s immunoassays are the most sensitive in the world. They are putting a growing number of people on the path to proactive health management.

Our pioneering work is helping to reduce the chances of future heart attacks for millions of people.
- Guido Baechler / Singulex CEO