Portfolio Showcase

Take a look at some of the companies we've partnered with

Better food for everyone
Benson Hill empowers creativity across the food supply chain, unleashing the natural genetic diversity and potential of plant species.
Clean and green personal care
What healthy foods do for your body, bioClarity™ does for your skin. The brand offers skincare products with patented, clinically backed Floralux® and other wholesome ingredients.
Medical-grade UV light disinfection for mobile devices
CleanSlate UV disinfects smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices in just 20 seconds using a chemical-free UV light process.
Disinfection you can see
Kinnos is pioneering a color additive platform that improves disinfection technique and compliance
Sparkling water made with real squeezed fruit
Spindrift is America's first sparkling water made with just real squeezed fruit. Yup, that's it.
On-demand wellness services
Zeel brings on-demand massages and other wellness services to its customers in homes, workplaces, hotels, or events in as little as an hour or up to a month in advance.

CoverCress is developing pennycress as a rotation crop for use in biofuels and animal feed. Pennycress benefits the environment by reducing soil erosion and preventing the loss of nitrogen.
Moleculera Labs is developing advanced testing services that help physicians decide whether a child’s neurologic symptoms could be caused by autoimmune dysfunction resulting from common infections.
Neurolutions is developing rehabilitation therapy that uses brain-computer interface technology. The company harnesses the brain's electrical signals to overcome debilitating effects of neurological injury.
Veran's mission is to extend life through earlier diagnosis and less invasive therapies. The company developed and commercialized a next generation electromagnetic thoracic navigation platform.