Divergence uses genome data analysis, RNAi target validation, and computational chemistry to develop environmentally safe solutions for the control of parasites. Parasitic nematodes are the most significant unsolved pest problem in agriculture. Divergence has discovered the first novel mode of action for this market in more than 20 years.

Monsanto acquires Divergence

Monsanto Company announced that it has acquired Divergence, Inc., a privately-held St. Louis-based biotechnology research and development company. Divergence’s current focus is its work with parasitic nematodes, including developing biotechnology traits for nematode control and nematicides with novel modes of action and superior safety profiles.

The Divergence team is doing work that will have a positive impact on agriculture, human health, and the environment. We expect our research and development efforts to generate novel products that will increase grower yield, replace toxic pesticidal chemistry, and improve the quality of life of people and animals.
- Derek Rapp / CEO, Divergence