Zeel created Massage On Demand, which makes licensed massage therapists available on-demand at homes, workplaces, hotels, or events. It was the start of the massage revolution. Top-quality massage had become on location and on-demand, 365 days a year, in as little as an hour.

Zeel brought the first mobile massage app to the market, putting same-day in-home massage at the fingertips of consumers. Zeel also introduced the first in-home on-demand massage membership, a must-have for lovers of relaxation, wellness, and convenience. Then came Zeel Spa®, a software-based staffing solution for hundreds of hotels and spas nationwide, and Zeel@Work, bringing chair massage, yoga, and assisted stretching to the employees of thousands of U.S.-based corporations. Today, Zeel leads the mobile massage revolution it started as the largest, most reliable, most secure, and highest-quality mobile massage available anywhere.

Massage, meditation, yoga and other wellness practices have to be the first line of defense in pain management and sleeplessness. We absolutely must stop throwing pills at patients and help them make the lifestyle changes necessary to become wholly well. Bringing wellness to people, wherever they are, whenever they need it, is very much at the core of our business.
- Alison Harmelin / Cofounder, Zeel