Greg Johnson

Founder and Managing Director
A Prolog co-founder and managing director, Greg has been active in venture capital for more than 30 years. He has played a pivotal role in the early-stage funding of companies like Genelabs, Novellus, UroCor and Stereotaxis, all which later went public. Prior to Prolog, Greg was a general partner at the venture capital firm Gateway Associates, where he focused on early-stage investments in medical technology and advanced materials. Greg began his investing career in 1985 as vice president of venture capital at Monsanto. There he oversaw Monsanto’s $80 million portfolio of venture capital investments and was one of the architects of its international network of venture funds, including its pioneering technology fund in the UK. Greg holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Rochester and a bachelor’s degree from MIT.

I like to invest in unusual innovations, often with an overt relation to physics.

The talent I would most like to have is musical ability.

I admire most the founders who combine energy and enthusiasm with realism borne out of experience.

I would like to be the world’s best downhill skier.

My favorite books are Smiley’s People and The Feynman Lectures.