Rob Rosenberg

Managing Director
Rob has spent his career at the nexus of entrepreneurship, innovation, and investing. Prior to becoming a partner at Prolog, he was the SVP of EyeNetra, a VC-funded spinout of the MIT Media Lab, and CEO of ShopWell, a spinout from IDEO which he guided to its acquisition by HarvestMark. He also founded Fast Forward Ventures, an advisory firm focused on commercializing innovation. Previously, Rob was a founding partner of New Venture Partners, a $700 million VC firm dedicated to funding corporate technology spin-outs. During his tenure there, he served on many boards including Internet Photonics (acquired by Ciena), Liquavista B.V. (acquired by Samsung), and Vidus (acquired by @Road). Earlier in his career, Rob was a manager with The Boston Consulting Group and an analyst with Salomon Brothers Venture Capital. His first job was as a pushcart vendor for New York Egg Cream Company.

What I value most in my friends is a good heart and the child-like openness to get excited.

My motto comes from my first boss who said, “In a hurricane, even a pig can fly.”  Don’t look for pigs; look for hurricanes.

I could never give up Evernote, on my phone and my laptop.

The talent I would most like to have is to sing, really sing, like Mandy Patinkin or Robert Plant.

My favorite books are Midnight’s Children and the Foundation trilogy.